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Kent, Washington

Office Hours: Monday Through Saturday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

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23906 Westview Ct, Kent WA 98031 • (253) 486-6852


Testimonials - What Our Customers Are Saying:

2000 Jeep Wrangler
2006 Home Show Grand Prize Winner
I was the lucky winner of a drawing that Vantastic Auto Detailing held at the 2006 Seattle Home Show. I won the grand prize - a complete exterior detail for free! Mike and Stan set up an appointment to come to my home the following week. They were punctual and very professional. I had never taken care of my paint, so they had to tediously remove the oxidation, pitch, and all other scratches and blemishes. Mike and Stan spent 7 hours detailing my jeep, and they exceeded anything I could have imagined. I think this goes to show for the character of these guys. They could have done a mediocre job, and I still would have been happy, but Mike is very passionate and will settle for nothing short of perfection. I have seen work done by some detail shops, and Vantastic takes it to the next level. They come to you, so it is much more convenient, and they pay attention to the smallest details. At one point, Mike was cleaning each individual vent hole on my hardtop with a toothbrush.

Mike and Stan will leave you with a truly Vantastic detail, that you will be proud to show off. They use only top quality Griot's products to protect and keep your car looking good for years to come.

Thanks Guys!

Thanks VAD!
After 3 solid days here, working on all 3 vehicles not a spot was overlooked. Even after the last car was done, I was still amazed at the before and after difference. The shine and sparkle of the paint was amazing and I didn't think anyone could get my floor mats that clean.

Best of all, you informed me about how to care for my car to keep that shine shining on. I am now a huge fan of the Griots speed shine and it actually takes less time to shine my car than to do the traditional washing.

You will be the only ones who touch our cars from now on.

A.L. of Seattle
2004 Town and Country
Dear Mike, I generally do not write letters of recommendation for products or services but I felt compelled to let you know how great I think your service and your results are. I have detailed cars in my past so I understand the process and the amount of work it takes to do a good job. I've also seen cars that have been detailed and I would be willing to compare their results with yours and feel confident that your results would be superior. I was most impressed with your care and attention to detail. It is obvious that you enjoy your work and leaving the customer ecstatic about what you have just done is refreshing given the climate of some of the poor customer service that seems to be the norm any more.

Aside from my home my vehicles are my next largest investment maintaining their looks and derivability are extremely important there are a number of places one can go to get one's automobile tuned up or what ever just as you can take your automobile to a detailer but how many detailers come to you? In my opinion this sets your business apart from all others. I cannot think of many services that provide "house calls". I realize there are some but your uniqueness, the service and results deserve recognition.

You removed scratches from my vehicle that we thought would require an entire paint job, you were not sure they would come out and you told me they may not but they did! You saved me some money in a number of ways. I just want to say thank you very much. I will continue to use your services and I wish you the very best as you go forward.

Sincerely, Mark Fristo

Clean Beetle
I must say, just looking at the beetle gets me all excited. I know I told you before, but I want to tell you again, the car looks even better than when we took delivery of it at the car lot 2 years ago. That paint sealant just brings out the mega-glow....even for a pastel color. Getting rid of two years worth of sub-standard waxes (Meguires and Dry Wash-n-gard) really did the trick .... let alone all the washing residue from other products before I converted over! I was playing in the garage up until about 9 PM assembling and hanging the two over-the-work bench cabinets that came with my recent contest win, and every couple of minutes I just had to look at the beetle and be totally amazed.

Now here is the kicker. The Amanti is jealous. While it shines pretty darn good, it is begging for a facelift and wants to experience the paint sealant too! If that stuff works so good on a light pastel, think of how it would look on black. You did a miracle on the Amanti on the first waxing, and I know that with the new paint sealant it will look even better! ( P.S. The Amanti Is no longer Jealous ) When people ask how I got the car to look so good, I always tell them about you, I still advertise for you!

Yours Sincerely;
Ed Brown

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